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  So how do we do it?
  • Annual Inspections:
We offer complete annual inspections for most types of airplanes.  We also will assist in an owner assist annual.
  • General Maintenance & Repair:
Our mechanics are certified to repair and maintain all small aircraft.  We are diverse in taking care from the smallest to the largest of problems, from the adding of fluids to engine overhauls,and complete avionics/Instrument panel upgrades.
  • Troubleshooting:
We often have customers that will hear an unusual noise or their avionics does something "squirrelly" that they are not use to.  We track down those issues, find explanations, and correct the faults.  If there are abnormal symptoms going on with your aircraft, then something is wrong. Our technitions have always found the source and corrected the problem.  Most of the times when we troubleshoot an issue, if left alone; the matter could have caused much more expensive damage, even up to a life or death situation!
  • Installation of Avionics:
The owner of the company takes great pride in his expertise of avionics installations.  He pays attention to every detail.  He has over 30 years of experience in avionics and really enjoys his work.  He can often troubleshoot avionics problems just by the description of the problem from the pilot.
  • Corrosion Repair:
We don't just sand and paint over corrosion.  We repair the area in which the corrosion has occurred.  If corrosion is not removed from where it starts all the way to where it has crept and further, your corrosion will return.  We special order our paint to match your aircraft exactly and buff out all corrosion before we paint.  You will never know that your aircraft had any blemishes after the repair.
  • Airframe:
We can repair and paint airframe damage.  Whether the damage is from an incident or just from age.  In most cases repairing fiberglass is not an issue.

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